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Picture Perfect Dental Studio is a small Dental Lab specializing in all ceramic fixed restorations.  We have worked in large corporate labs, mid size labs and finally in a small boutique lab in California under a master ceramist learning smile design.  We still hand wax and Press all Emax for superior fit, margin seal and aesthetics.  We also always keep proper function & patient comfort at the forefront.  Each and every crown is treated as if it was being made for our own mother.  We keep our volume low and quality high spending the extra time needed to ensure our crowns will seat with ease and blow away patient expectations aesthetically.



IPS e.max combines beauty with high performance in the most impressive way, as it is comprised of materials that demonstrate exceptional life-like esthetics along with fracture resilient toughness.  Our go to material of choice for most restorations

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Custom Abutments

We off plain Titanium, Gold Anodized and Zirconia hybrid custom abutments. Screw retained crowns can be made using a Ti base or a custom abutment depending on preferences and/or the situation.

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Material of choice when strength is the major consideration such as bridges and heavy clenchers.  Zirconia offers many choices with various strength and esthetic properties.

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Diagnostic Wax-Up

Can be used for case planning or to sell the case to the patient.  Our presentation level white on white Wax-Ups can really wow the patient sometimes giving them that extra push to case acceptance. We provide a temporary matrix and prep guide with each wax up so you are ready to proceed & succeed!

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***We do not fabricate PFM's or removables

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